What's Next? Determining the Will of God

Romans 12:1-2

As we celebrate and honor our graduates today, we know that commencement does not mean to end or finish, rather it means to begin, to start new! Yes, our graduates are ending their high school chapter but they are beginning a great new chapter in their lives. Today, we learn some principles on how to discern and follow God’s will - whether you are graduating or just seeking God’s will for your life at whatever stage you find yourself!

Romans 12:1-2 - We must settle the issue of who is in charge. Ref Philippians 2:13

Psalm 119:105 - We must search the scripture. Ref Mark 10-6-9

Romans 8:11-16 - We must sense the Spirit’s prompting.

I Peter 5:7 - We must surrender the responsibility to God - trust God’s timing and case all our anxiety on God.

Luke 9:62 - We must stay the course - unless and until God says change. Ref Philippians 3:13-4

Good Soldiers of Christ Jesus

2 Timothy 2:1-10

Often the Bible uses an image of an army to describe a Christian or a church. On this Memorial Day weekend, we want to talk about being “….a good soldier of Christ Jesus.”

A good soldier of Christ Jesus will be….

v. 1-2 - Discipled

v. 3-7 - Disciplined

v. 8-9 - Dedicated

v. 10 - Devoted

References Matthew 13:18-23 and John 13:35

Got Life?

I John 5:11-13

The Apostle John uses the words “life” and “eternal life” five times in these three short verses. But what is “eternal life?”

v. 11 - Jesus Christ is the Source of life

Reference: John 10:10, Philippians 3:10, Galatians 2:20, 2 Corinthians 5:17

v. 12 - The Son wants to give life

Reference: John 1:12

v. 12 - The Surety of this life given.

Reference: Psalm 119:89

The Real Jesus

Isaiah 53:1-6

Hollywood and our culture will do its dead level best to distort people’s view of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we present the real Jesus.

v. 1-3 Who is the Jesus of History? Ref: I Samuel 16:7

v. 4-5 What did this Jesus of history do when He came to earth?
Ref: Luke 19:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21

v. 6 Why did this Jesus of history do what He did?

How did this Jesus of history differ from all others?

Ref: 17:30-34(a)