The Real Jesus

Isaiah 53:1-6

Hollywood and our culture will do its dead level best to distort people’s view of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we present the real Jesus.

v. 1-3 Who is the Jesus of History? Ref: I Samuel 16:7

v. 4-5 What did this Jesus of history do when He came to earth?
Ref: Luke 19:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21

v. 6 Why did this Jesus of history do what He did?

How did this Jesus of history differ from all others?

Ref: 17:30-34(a)

Because He Lives

John 11:17-27

We don't like to talk about death or even think about it, but when death visits one of our church families, it is what is on our minds.  As Christians, we need to firmly know the promises of God concerning death so we can grieve, but not like those without hope!  Today, we want to talk about the basis of our hope.  The question is not, If you will live forever, but Where will you live forever?

*  God's people must rally around others who have experienced loss. v. 19

*  God's people should allow each other to grieve differently.  v. 20

*  God's people must understand the basis of their eternal hope.  v. 25-26

Christ's resurrection from the dead is what sets apart our beliefs and Christianity from all other religions.  Christ has defeated death.  We as believers will live again! 

Reference Romans 10:8-13.