Broken Bones Hurt - And So Do Words!

James 4:11-12

We were taught as kids sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us.  Not tur!  In fact, some of the deepest wounds and scare we have come from people, often the ones we love the most, speaking hurtful words to us.  I wonder, have people spoken words to you that wounded you deeply?  Have people spoken words about you that hurt deeply?  Or have you spoken words to or about people that deeply wounded them?  Here is what God's word has to say...

1.  We cannot judge another person's heart or motive, because when we do, we assume a position God reserves for Himself.    Matthew 18:15-17,  Matthew 7:1-5
Application:  Gray areas    Romans 14:1-6 and 10-12

2.  We cannot speak against (Gr. Katalaleo) a brother, because when we do, we violate the Royal Law.   James 2:8Matthew 22:36-40
Application:  Gossip=passing on unverified information.  Matthew 12:36-37