Tonight Might be the Night

Luke 12:16-21

Today we look at a parable about a man who knew in advance his time of death.  Most people do not have this knowledge.  And, if surveyed, some would want to know the date to get their affairs in order, but many would not want the knowledge hanging over their heads.  As we study this man's story, it should put life, death, things and God into their proper perspective. 

If you knew tonight was your last night on Earth, how would you spend your day? 
If I knew tonight was my last night to live: 

* I would want to be sure of my place in heaven. 

* I would want to right any wrongs with other people (ref Matthew 6:14-15)

* I would want to share Christ with others. 

     Matthew 22:41-42 - Who is the Christ? 

     John 6:37 - Will you give Christ His rightful place in your life? 

     2 Timothy 4:6-7 - Facing the end of his life, Paul said, "I have fought the good fight, finished the course, I have kept the faith? 

Are you ready?