Got Life?

I John 5:11-13

The Apostle John uses the words “life” and “eternal life” five times in these three short verses. But what is “eternal life?”

v. 11 - Jesus Christ is the Source of life

Reference: John 10:10, Philippians 3:10, Galatians 2:20, 2 Corinthians 5:17

v. 12 - The Son wants to give life

Reference: John 1:12

v. 12 - The Surety of this life given.

Reference: Psalm 119:89

Confront your Heart: Stand on God's Word

I John 3:19-24

Right before Jesus Christ departed from the Earth, He promised peace of heart for us. Yet, I suspect some Christ-followers might say their heart is more troubled and full of fear than peace. Why is that? Today’s text addresses that issue.

v. 19-21 - The fact of assurance
Ref: Revelation 12:10-11
Psalms 103:10-12

v. 22 - The fruit of assurance = a robust prayer life.
We have not because we ask not!
Ref: Psalms 66:18
I Peter 3:7
Psalms 103:10-12

v. 23-24 - The fount of assurance - How do we maintain a confident heart?
Ref: John 15:1-5 - Abide in Him!

Put our eyes on God’s grace, not the condemnation of our heart.
We cannot let our emotions drive us. Put your faith in the facts of scripture and let your feelings follow the facts.