I Am The Greatest!

Mark 9:33-37

Apologies - Due to technical difficulties, this weeks' sermon was not recorded.  However, we encourage you to study this passage on your own and see what the Holy Spirit teaches you. 

Pastor's Introduction:  Cassius Clay (a.k.a. Muhammad Ali) was an American boxer who was known as the "Louisville lip" because he talked trash a lot.  But from his trash talking came some memorable quotes such as, "I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."  Another one of his most famous quotes was his repeated assertion, "I am the greatest!"  Certainly that is a prideful, arrogant and egotistical statement, but as the scripture shows us, the disciples were afflicted with the same spiritual malady.  Perhaps we have a touch of it as well!

1.  The disciples were confused about what greatness in the Kingdome looked like.  V. 33-34
     We are to live like we recognize that God is always present, because He is! 

2.  Christ corrects their confusion about greatness in the kingdom.  v. 34. 
      We need to be seeking the will of God.  
       The question is - Who can I serve?    Greatness in God's eyes is found via a servant's heart. 

3.  Christ illustrates what greatness in the Kingdom looks like.  v. 36-37