Savor Some Certainties

I John 5:18-21

In today’s sea of uncertainty, there are some certainties that the Lord wants His children to savor and rest in.

We can Savor our Victor over Sin - (v. 18a.) Reference I John 1:8, 10 and Romans 7:15-25

We can Savor our Victory over Satan and his worldly domain (v. 18b-19) Reference Romans 6:17-18

We can Savor our Victorious Savior (v. 20-21.) Reference 2 Corinthians 2:14. Luke 24:44-45 and John 17:3.

The Real Jesus

Isaiah 53:1-6

Hollywood and our culture will do its dead level best to distort people’s view of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we present the real Jesus.

v. 1-3 Who is the Jesus of History? Ref: I Samuel 16:7

v. 4-5 What did this Jesus of history do when He came to earth?
Ref: Luke 19:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21

v. 6 Why did this Jesus of history do what He did?

How did this Jesus of history differ from all others?

Ref: 17:30-34(a)

Realign the Mind

#2 in our Series from the Book of Philippians. 

Philippians 2:5-11  
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The human brain and mind are the most complex entities in the world.  The most powerful computer can't compare with the human brain.  Yet the average person only uses 10% of their brain capacity.  As powerful as the human mind can be, it can be influenced by two external forces:  1) the world, and 2) the scripture.  There is a battle for control of our minds because the way we think affects the way we act. 

V. 5   The Exhortation from Christ
         Reference Philippians 4:1-2
         We are commanded to Think Like Christ
         Outlook determines the Outcome

v. 6-8The Example of Christ
          Describes the person and work of Christ.  Christ is the example of servant leadership.           
          Reference Matthew 24:32-36 - Parable of the fig tree
              and John 1:1

v. 9-11The Exaltation of Christ
           At His name, every knee will bow. 


Celebrate Our Savior!

Luke 2:1-20

Often, when we are overexposed or oversaturated with someone or some thing, it tends to dull our hearts.  We can see that in the way many Americans are dull-hearted towards the Gospel, because they have heard the message so many times.  Likewise, a believer's familiarity with the Christmas story might also breed indifference.  I pray we will never tire of hearing the old, old story one more time.