Happy Holidays - Really? or Finding God's Kind of Happiness

happy holidays.png

Matthew 5:6

Introduction:  The P.C. Police are so determined to remove Christ from Christmas they have invented a lame alliteration – Happy Holidays.  But I wonder, are the holidays really happy for most people?  Not those who have lost a loved one recently.  Not those stressed out by the expense and pace of the season.  Yet, the Bible gives us some insight into true happiness.

>  What is the object of the passion of your heart?

          for what do you hunger and thirst in your life? 

>  What is the object of your heart’s passion?

o   Psalm 42:1-2

o   I Thessalonians 1:9 - Turn to the true and living God for satisfaction

Have you lost your appetite for God? 

> What is the result when your heart passion is properly focused?

o   John 4:9-14

o   John 6:35

o   John 3:1-8