Puny Prayer vs. W.I. Worry

Philippians 4:6-7

Trials and difficulties come to every life, even Christ-follwers.  When they do come, we can respond in one of two ways:  1) worry, or 2) pray.  Let's see which one is the better option!

>  No worries mate - v. 6a

       Be anxious for nothing.  Anxious = to be pulled apart. 
       We are commanded not to worry - whatever is not done in faith is sin! 

>  Hit your knees - v. 6b 

       Prayer -  In everything by prayer
      Supplication - Genesis 22:8, 13-14 - heartfelt, specific request for our needs. 
      Thanksgiving - an important part of prayer.  God is blessed by our gratitude. 

> Peace to you - v. 7

       Prayer = peach of God
       Peace in the midst of trying circumstances. 
       The worry option will never give us peace.  


Spiritual Warfare Series Final - Deployment Day

Ephesians 6:10-20

Military families undergo a lot of preparation for deployment day, both for the mission and for the anticipated changes to family life.  We have been studying about putting on the armor of God, and today's message explains that we are now at our deployment day.   This is our final message in the Spiritual Warfare series - Prayer. 

* Prayer is a vital part of spiritual warfare. 
     Prayer is how we stay in contact with our commanding officer.
     Prayer should be a first response, not our last resort. 
     Prayer is vitally important for spiritual warfare. 
     Prayer is how we understand God and how we get to know God.
     Prayer aligns our desires with God's desires
             Add'l references:  Psalm 37:4 and Psalm 34:3

*  If God is sovereign, why pray?

*  Praying with power
            Add'l references:  I John 5:14-15 and Colossians 1:9-11

Thinking you are too busy to pray?               We are too busy not to pray!

Movie - War Room

Tony and Elizabeth Jordan have it all—great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan’s world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage.   We hope you will join us Sunday morning at 9:30 am, January 15 as we watch this powerful movie on the power of prayer. 

Click link http://bcove.me/14o9vbqu to watch the movie trailer. 

If you aren't able to join us or missed the showing this morning and you need biblical resources for your marriage or are in need of prayer for your marriage or other life situation, please contact our church office to speak with a staff member.