Matthew 24:4-8

After Jesus announced to His disciples that the temple would be destroyed, they asked Him two questions:  1) When will this happen? and 2) What is the sign of your coming and the end of the age?  Matthew 24 and 25 is the Lord's response to these two questions and this section of scripture is referred to as the Olivet Discourse.  Let's look to the scripture and consider the signs of the time...

Sign #1 - The rise of false messiahs. v. 4-5     Satan is the master deceiver. 
            Reference:  Mark 13:21-22and I John 4:1

Sign #2 - Increased talk about wars and rumors of war.  v. 6-7a
             Reference:  Revelation 19:17-21

Sign #3 - An increase in natural disasters. v. 7b
              Reference:  Luke 21:10-11,  Revelation 6:12-17, and I John 3:2-3