A Booster Shot

Malachi 3:7-12

Our immunization technology has come a long way, but some vaccines still require a booster shot every now and then to protect us.  Likewise, many of you have been immunized against greed and unbelief by the Word of God - you have become faithful, joyful and obedient givers, but this is an area where we need an occasional booster shot!

The overriding question is this:  Do you trust God enough to believe He will take care you?  

1.  The apparent problem with giving is a spiritual one.  v. 7-9
         God wants our whole heart but we rob God through our tithes and offerings.  
         There are consequences to disobedience. 

2.  The appointed plan isa proportional one.  v. 10a.
          References:  Genesis 14:20 and Matthew 23:23

3.  The anointed provision is an overflowing one.  v. 10b-11

4.  The approved purpose for giving is the glory of God.  v. 12

Check Your Thankometer

I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Modern medical science uses various instruments to measure our physical health by taking the data and translating that into a numerical value.  If that number fits into an acceptable range, we are considered healthy, and if not, not so much!  For example, a thermometer reading 98.6 means something different than one reading 102.  But what about our spiritual health?  What if I could invent a "thankometer" that measured the gratitude of our heart, what would it reveal about our spiritual health?

We are commanded to give thanks in everything. 
We need to focus not on the problem, but on the problem solver! 
What we believe affects the way we live our lives.  (Philippians 4:6-7,  Acts 16:19-25
We are to be thankful during the tough times.  Romans 8:28, Job 1:21-22
We are to be thankful during the times of blessing.  Luke 17:15-16
Our faith is only as big as our concept of God.