End Time Anytime - Imminent Return of Christ - Are We Ready?

2 Thessalonians 2:3-12

Given the age we live in, we need to be reminded of "end time" teaching from time to time.  Today's message is about the "Day of the Lord."  This is the time when God will intervene and pour out his final judgment upon the world.  It will include all the end time events from the start of the seven year tribulation all the way to the establishment of the new heaven and new Earth.  In our text, the Thessalonians had bought into a false rumor and believed they were actually living in the "day of the Lord" but the apostle shows them three things have to happen before that day. 

V. 3 a - The widespread rush to apostasy.  Reference vs 2 Timothy 4:3-4, Revelation 17:4-5

v. 3b-5, 8-9 - The revealing of the "man of sin."  Reference vs I John 2:18, Daniel 9:27, and Matthew 24:15

v. 6-7, 10-12 - The removal of the restrainer (the Holy Spirit).