The Real Jesus

Isaiah 53:1-6

Hollywood and our culture will do its dead level best to distort people’s view of the Lord Jesus Christ. Today, we present the real Jesus.

v. 1-3 Who is the Jesus of History? Ref: I Samuel 16:7

v. 4-5 What did this Jesus of history do when He came to earth?
Ref: Luke 19:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21

v. 6 Why did this Jesus of history do what He did?

How did this Jesus of history differ from all others?

Ref: 17:30-34(a)

He Is Risen!

Mark 16:1-6

Christians are gathering all over the world today, not to hear a new message, but to hear an old, familiar one.  The message simply stated is:  HE IS RISEN!  This is the foundation of our Christian faith, so let's read about it one more time.

The women were Anxious (v. 1-4)   reference Mark 9:30-32 and John 20:26-31

The women were Amazed (v. 5)

The women were Assured (v. 6)  reference I Corinthians 15:15-59 and John 11:25-27

Because He lives, we can live forever!