Count Your Burdens

Philippians 4:10-13

We are reminded this time of the year to count our blessings.  However, today's message teaches us to learn from the Apostle Paul to count our blessings even in the midst of our burdens.  

> Be thankful regardless of the Lord's timing for His provision - v.10

> Be thankful regardless of our circumstances - v.11  (Ref Romans 8:28)

> Be thankful regardless of our economic status - v.12

> Be thankful for a Savior who can help us get to that place - v. 13


Ol' Pants on Fire

2 Corinthians 8:1-5

We know Satan is the father of lies, and if we buy into one of his lies, he wins.  Remember he came to kill, steal, and destroy because he wants us to stay in bondage to something.  Today, we are going to talk about some of his lies about giving. 

Lie #1:  I should let the "better to do" people handle the giving. v. 2a,c
        We need to ask, "Lord what do you want ME to give?"

Lie #2:  I should resist and desist giving away the money I worked so hard for.  v. 2 b
      It is not OUR money!  Giving should be done joyfully not begrudgingly. 

Lie #3:  I should let the bottom line dictate how I should give.  v. 3a
      The Macedonians gave BEYOND their ability.  Out needs will always exceed our supply unless we allow Christ to be in charge of our finances. .

Lie #4:  I will wait to give until the pastor's guilty pressure becomes unbearable.  v.4

v,  5 - God wants us to give ourselves first.  God wants to see us, his children, trust HIM.  
Have we yielded this part of our life to Him? 


Puny Prayer vs. W.I. Worry

Philippians 4:6-7

Trials and difficulties come to every life, even Christ-follwers.  When they do come, we can respond in one of two ways:  1) worry, or 2) pray.  Let's see which one is the better option!

>  No worries mate - v. 6a

       Be anxious for nothing.  Anxious = to be pulled apart. 
       We are commanded not to worry - whatever is not done in faith is sin! 

>  Hit your knees - v. 6b 

       Prayer -  In everything by prayer
      Supplication - Genesis 22:8, 13-14 - heartfelt, specific request for our needs. 
      Thanksgiving - an important part of prayer.  God is blessed by our gratitude. 

> Peace to you - v. 7

       Prayer = peach of God
       Peace in the midst of trying circumstances. 
       The worry option will never give us peace.  


Survival in times of Desperation - Guest speaker, Austin Binz

Sermon was not able to be recorded due to ongoing technical difficulties.

Acts 16:25-34

We receive power from the holy spirit to be witnesses (Acts 1:8).  The Holy Spirit comes through salvation in Jesus Christ.

God brings storms in our lives to bring on a greater purpose.  God knows the storms we are facing.   The storms refine us.  We must survive because God wants to use us.  We must fix our eyes on Jesus and He will give us a song to sing in the midst of our trial.
We must put our trust in God - Proverbs 3:5-6.  
We are chosen by Christ. I Peter 2:9
Pray for others and allow them to see God at work in our life.  Our ultimate fight/struggle is against the enemy, Satan.  Allow God to use you to reach someone else. 
Find your identify in Christ. 
Be renewed from the inside out.