Changing My Major: Relationships not Religion

Mark 7:1-9

I graduated from Dallas Baptist College in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts.  My major was "Religion."  That is what they called it back then!  I have never liked that as my declared major because I don't think it was a true reflection of the many courses that were required.  The term "religion" has many connotations and our text today in the book of Mark makes a distinction between religion as the Pharisees knew it and a relationship that God desires to have with us. 

>  The Pharisees placed 'Religion' over having a Right Heart  (v. 1-2)

          Ref:  Matthew 23:27-28  and Psalm 51:15-17

>  The Pharisees added Tradition to the Truth  (v.3-5)

           Ref:  Exodus 30:17-21 - Biblical precept for priests before entering the Tabernacle to worship. 

>  The Lord rebuked them, not Reckoned them as Right  (v.6-9)

            Ref:  Isaiah 29:13