What is the true Gospel?

Have you ever wondered about all the people over the years who "made decisions" for Christ but you never see them again?  Why is that?  Did they really have a genuine heart conversion, or did they just come forward, fill out a card and repeat a prayer?  Today, we look at the Master Evangelist's way of sharing the gospel. 

> v. 17-20 The Method of the Lord's evangelism.  Ref: Galatians 3:21-25

> v. 21a  The motive for the Lord's evangelism.  Ref:  Hebrews 10:7, John 8:29, John 17:4

> v. 21b-22  The message of the Lord's evangelism  Ref:  Luke 24:45-47

He Is Risen!

Mark 16:1-6

Christians are gathering all over the world today, not to hear a new message, but to hear an old, familiar one.  The message simply stated is:  HE IS RISEN!  This is the foundation of our Christian faith, so let's read about it one more time.

The women were Anxious (v. 1-4)   reference Mark 9:30-32 and John 20:26-31

The women were Amazed (v. 5)

The women were Assured (v. 6)  reference I Corinthians 15:15-59 and John 11:25-27

Because He lives, we can live forever!

Care to Share

Romans 9:1-5

As Christ followers, we should care enough to share.  When did you last weep for another person's soul? 

When we stand before the Almighty God - we will all need God's mercy and grace - not fairness as some desire. 

We are called to be a witness.  A witness is someone who tells what he knows to be true.  We share Jesus Christ and Him alone.

Verses referenced:  Romans 10:1-4; James 2:10; Luke 24:45=58; Mark 10:17-22